pierre_raymondSince founding Terra Erosion Control Ltd. in 1996, Pierre Raymond has focused on soil bioengineering, biotechnical slope stabilization, using native deciduous trees and shrubs often combined with conventional engineered structures or erosion control on steep slopes, , and riparian habitat restoration. His expertise has taken him to projects in Peru, Nepal, and France.

Recent projects include the development of stream bank restoration guidelines (2012) and a training workshop (2014) on low impact development involving soil bioengineering within urban stream environments for the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pierre has also been extensively involved in the implementation of steep slope stabilization, riparian habitat restoration, storm water outfall protection on river banks and mining reclamation projects within British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Pierre’s experience includes the development of biotechnical stabilization prescriptions, implementation, maintenance and monitoring. He has a strong background in post-harvest silviculture treatments and supervision of specialized construction machinery

IASHK 2014: Hanging by Their Roots, Trees and Slippery Slopes