institute_arboriculture_studiesIASHK: The Institute of Arboriculture Studies (Hong Kong) is an organization dedicated to the development of the arboriculture industry in Asia.  Through research and education, IASHK brings the highest caliber professors and professionals to Hong Kong from around the world to hold seminars and research projects in Hong Kong and the surrounding region.  This includes the IAS-HK conference.

IAS-HK: International Arboriculture Summit – Hong Kong is an annual conference and series of arboriculture related seminars taking place in Hong Kong. Starting in 2008, the courses have included world renowned arboriculture professors and professionals. Individuals from Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, China, and Hong Kong have been in attendance.  Any funds received for these programs are put back into developing future programs.

On our facebook page, we have a whole series of photographs of past events. Please click here to visit the page. Please join us there for arboriculture discussions, photos, and to keep informed on future programs.

Contact: [email protected]