Gary Watson

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gary_watsonDr. Watson is the Senior Research Scientist at Morton Arboretum in Illinois.
Research Interests
The central interest of the urban tree root research program is to understand how to keep trees healthy in urban landscapes by maintaining a healthy balance between the crown and the root […]

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Frank Rinn

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frank_rinnFrank Rinn, inventor of the RESISTOGRAPH® and ARBOTOM® is world famous as an instructor on tree inspection and can help to make you a more expert arborist. Frank owns RINNTECH, a company that develops equipment for dendrochronology, tree and timber inspection since 1988.
Frank invented […]

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Francesco Ferrini

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francesco_ferriniDr. Francesco Ferrini PhD – Full Professor at the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences – University of Florence (Italy); Dean of the School of Agriculture at the University of Florence, President of the Italian Society of Arboriculture from 2005 to 2011, Member […]

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