Andreas Detter

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andreas_detterSince 2000, Andreas has lectured and taught workshops in different European countries and the USA on high-tech tree assessment, tree-statics, cabling systems and physics. Andreas holds an engineering degree in Landscape Design. He is member of the board of the SAG Association […]

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Alexia Stokes

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alexia_stokesAlexia Stokes is one of the world’s leading experts on tree root growth and biomechanics. She applies her knowledge to better understand how to manage trees growing in mechanically challenging environments, such on steep slopes, on degraded soil or in windy conditions. Working in […]

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Alvin Tang

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alvin_tangDr. Alvin Tang is a Plant Pathologist and Arborist at Muni Arborist Limited. He received his PhD in Molecular Phylogenetics of Fungi from the University of Hong Kong in 2006 and has been studying the Ecology and Systematics of Fungi for 12 […]

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