November 18, 2010

Location: Suen Douh Camp

Professor Brian Kane

What is Tree Biomechanics & Why Should I Care?

Professor Kane explains tree biomechanics

Professor Kane explains tree biomechanics

November 19, 2010

Location: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Professor Edward Gilman
How Trees Are Put Together and How They Fall Apart
Messing Up Old Trees With Pruning and Other Treatments
Compartmentalization and Decay Progression in Trees: What
We’ve Learned in the Last 10 Years
Developing Decay Prevention Programs
Interpreting the ANSI A-300 Pruning Standards for Practical Use
Terrance Flanagan – Certification as it is Meant to be Applied in Arboriculture
Steve Nimz – Management & Tree Protection During Construction Development
Professor Cecil Konijnendijk – Strategies and Policies for Urban Trees
Brian French & Will Koomjian of Ascending the Giants – Caring for Our Trees Means Knowing How to Climb Safely & Efficiently
Don Picker – Tree Management Challenges in Hong Kong

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Location: Suen Douh Camp
Attendees were split into 2 groups. Morning and Afternoon were repeated for each group.

Workshop & Practical Field Training with Edward Gilman
1. Establishing a Successful Tree Pruning Protocol for Hong Kong
a. Developing a Preventative Pruning Program – Young Trees
b. Pruning Strategies For Streets And Parking Lots
c. Remedial Or Restoration Pruning Of Medium Aged And Mature Trees: Fixing Damaged Trees
d. Restoring Storm Damaged Trees

2. Using Resistograph With Palm Trees / The Palm Tree Assessment Form: – Steve Nimz
3. Considering a Tree Ordinance to Protect & Preserve – Terrence Flanagan
4. New Developments In Modern Tree Support Systems – Jörg Wohn (Official Trainer for the Cobra
Manufacturer) (lecture)
5. Advanced Technical Tree Analysis – Frank Rinn

Saturday, November 21, 201

Location:  Suen Douh Camp

Advanced Application and Interpretation of Tomograph and Resistograph with Frank Rinn
New Resistograph Model Demonstration
In depth Interpretation of Resistograph readings (I can drill hole in a tree, but what does it mean?)
Case Studies in use of the combination of Tomograph and Resistograph
The New Mechanical Module and ARBORADIX (root finding module) of the ARBOTOM sonic tomograph.

Aerial Application of Tomograph/Resistograph and Aerial Assessment Methods
Field Training in NEW Tree Support Systems
Tree Crown Support with Modern Tree Systems (2 hours, Field Training with Jörg Wohn of the Cobra manufacturer)
Introduction Of Static Tree Support Systems