IASHK Spring Arboriculture Programmes

Up By Roots Workshop with Peter Macdonagh

June 12-13, 2018

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The  Up By Roots Workshop is based upon the book Up By Roots by James Urban will be held in Hong Kong this June 12-13, 2018!

Presented by Peter Macdonagh, this is an exciting opportunity to attend this special workshop.

This is very special workshop that has been presented for over 10 years at the ISA Annual Conference in the USA.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to attend.

Please note the special discount for the first 20 completed registrations, 12% Off.

We are also announcing the dates of this year’s IASHK Summit this November.  See below for dates, theme, and location.

Please read below for more details.

Up By Roots
A Technical and Practical Workshop
on Trees, Soils and Stomwater

Presenter: Peter Macdonagh FASLA, PLA, ISA, LEED, RHS

Date: June 12-13, 2018
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: IASHK Space in Fotan
Address: No. 2, 13/F Wah Yiu Industrial Center
30-32 Au Pui Wan Street
Fo Tan, NT, Hong Kong

CEUs: 14 CEUs

Class Size: 30 Seats Available (limited space, register early)

Course Fee: HK$2,899 standard price,
HK$2,551 discount price of for the first 20 attendees to complete registration
(Lunch is not included, however many restaurants are available nearby)

How to Register: Register and pay on the IASHK website or email [email protected]

Peter Macdonagh

Director of Design + Science, Kestrel Design Group, Inc.
Peter specializes in state-of-the-art ecological restoration, urban forestry, stormwater planning and green roof technologies. He has over 30 years of experience providing ecological and sustainable site design for stormwater management, lake and river restoration, natural areas management plans, botanical inventories, urban forests, green roof installations and mining reclamation. Peter is a Registered Landscape Architect in 7 states and 1 Canadian Province and was inducted as a Fellow of the ASLA in 2013. He has served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design for 19 years and continues to build his professional credentials and carry the message of healthy cities by speaking across the world about green infrastructure. In addition, Peter has over 30 regional, state, national and international awards and completed hundreds of projects using trees and soil for stormwater management.

Programme Schedule

Up By Roots

Workshop Words of Wisdom:

“If all the trees on a project die, landscape architecture is not art.”
– James Urban to the American Society of Landscape Architects, International Convention 2012.

Workshop Mission Statement:

“Up By Roots” is a technical and practical workshop on trees, soils, and stormwater for arborists, foresters, civil engineers, urban planners, architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, and park planners to successfully: plan, design, specify, install and manage trees, in the built environment.

Workshop Abstract:

The “Up By Roots” Technical Workshop highlights the practical principles of soil science in combination with stormwater, to facilitate the vigorous growth of healthy trees in the built environment. This workshop includes lectures and “hands on” practical experience in analyzing soil samples and field testing equipment, so that workshop participants practically understand, the underlying scientific principles of tree biology, tree growth, and soil/water relations. Upon completion, workshop participants will be equipped to successfully plan, design, install, and manage large trees and their soil’s, in the urban environment upon completion of this practical, technical workshop.

Who Should Attend?

Successful urban trees that grow large and live to maturity, require the participation of five principal groups of people:

  1. Decision-makers;
  2. Designers;
  3. Associated Designers;
  4. Tree contractors; and
  5. Maintenance providers.

As all five of these groups are required to grow successful urban trees, all five groups will learn valuable lessons about trees and soils from this “Up By Roots” technical and practical workshop. Some experienced professionals attending this workshop, may have experience in a number of these areas; but in today’s world of specialization, many people, will primarily belong in one of the five groups; in either case, plan on attending and learning hands-on and techniques.

A critical audience for this workshop is Designers, and Associated Designers. These two groups include the following professionals: landscape architects, landscape designers, civil engineers, architects, urban planners, park designers, arborists, and foresters. If you are one of these professionals, and have not taken a practical, technical course like this, seriously consider taking this workshop.

Workshop Attendance Size:

To facilitate instructor/attendee contact, this workshop is limited to 30 participants.

Workshop Length: 2 Days, June 12-13 2018

This workshop is 16 hours in length, of which participants will also spend time handling tools, soils and roots.  Participants will also have the opportunity to analyze soil samples with their bare hands.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

These are the learning objectives for the “Up By Roots” technical workshop:

  1. Comprehend the critical, but undervalued role of soil volume, quality, and drainage, in growing large trees to maturity.
  2. Read, identify, and interpret, soil diagnostics from a soil test, off a laboratory report (bulk density, pH, CEC, nutrients, organic matter content, etc.).
  3. Physically examine, and interpret key soil characteristics (texture, structure, etc.) by: sight, smell and feel.
  4. Identify and rank the most important characteristics of a particular site’s soils, which are needed to grow large trees at that location.
  5. Identify, prioritize, and provide, the most critical limiting aspects of a site’s soils, which are needed to optimize tree growth at that location: Salts; Organic Matter, Amendments; Mulches.
  6. Comprehend, identify, and rank the critical structural characteristics, of young trees before planting (root and branch development, root/trunk union position, bark attachment, etc.).
  7. Physically examine young tree nursery stock, and evaluate whether to accept, reject or correct young trees before planting.
  8. Review a set of construction details, and specifications, to successfully grow large trees to maturity, on a pre-selected site.
  9. Physically examine, and diagnose structural problems (non-pest), of established, but under-performing landscape trees.
  10. Create a soil/tree structure, remediation plan for established, but under-performing landscape trees.


We are glad to announce this year’s International Arboriculture Summit to take place at Institute of Vocational Education – Sha Tin Campus in Hong Kong on

November 14-16, 2018

The theme of this year’s conference will be

Sun, Soil, Space, Air, Water – Healthy Trees


The IASHK Space is the official classroom of the Institute of Arboriculture Studies.  It is conveniently located in Fotan, Hong Kong within walking distance of the Fotan MTR station.

Transportation Options

By Car

Parking is available in Wah Yiu Industrial Centre.  The entrance is at the back of the building at Kwei Tei Street.  Parking cost usually is HK$20 per hour and availability is uncertain.

A second parking location is the nearby Shatin Galleria.

Street parking may be available, however, park at your own risk as meter parking is not available.


The Fo Tan MTR is the closest MTR station for the summit venue. Exit D

Walking Directions from the Fo Tan MTR Station

When you arrive to Fotan MTR station, go out of Exit D and walk up Au Pui Wan Street for 10 minutes.  Wah Yiu Industrial Centre is located on Au Pui Wan Street.

Hotels Nearby

For those attending from outside of Hong Kong, there are two hotels nearby to choose from.  Please contact the hotels directly for pricing and availability.

Register for Attendance

We are currently accepting registrations for the seminars.  Please take note of the early registration discounts.  Furthermore, please note that online registration and payment is also available.

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