Mature Cinnamomum Camphora in Hong Kong

 with Dr. William Fountain and Terrence Flanagan

The course involved a 1/2 day of lecture and 1/2 day of field assessment of various mature trees in Fanling and Sheung Shui, NT.

The lecture topics of this seminar included the following:

  • Trees of Significance
    •         Champion Trees
    •         Heritage Trees
    •         Specimen Trees
    •         Historic Trees
    •         Memorial Trees
    •         Location Trees
    •         Collections
    •         Protected (ecological value)
  • The Four Age Classes of Trees
    •         Juvenile
    •         Mature
    •         Veteran
    •         Ancient
    •         Anatomical & Physiological Differences (based on age class
  •    (Over) Management of Veteran and Ancient trees
    •         Water
    •         Fertilizer
    •         Soil testing
    •         Mitigation of soil compaction
    •         Pruning of veteran and ancient trees
      (Note: Pruning for structure starting at the juvenile stage will reduce or eliminate many potentials for failure later in life. Raising, espalier, topiary, hedging, vista and utility pruning are other pruning techniques that relate more to juvenile and mature age classes than veteran and ancient.)

      •             Cleaning
      •             Thinning
      •             Reduction
      •             Restoration
      •             Pollarding
      •             Topping
      •             Lion’s tailing
Mature Ficus microcarpa in Hong Kong

Mature Ficus microcarpa in Hong Kong