matthew_pryorBA (Hons); CMLI; RLA; HKILA; CA; is Head of the Division of Landscape Architecture, at The University of Hong Kong, and teaches planting design, landscape construction technology and professional practice.  He is an ISA Certified Arborist and a Registered Landscape Architect with more than 20 years of specialist landscape construction experience in Hong Kong and SE Asia.

His work has included numerous tree surveys and assessments; the supervision of numerous tree transplanting and tree protection operations; planting field trials, and very large scale planting and ecological remediation schemes.  He is currently undertaking research into the protection and transplanting of mature trees on construction sites, and the effectiveness of tree transplanting as an environmental mitigation measure in Hong Kong.

IASHK 2013: Trees, The Mystery Within

IASHK 2014: Hanging by Their Roots, Trees and Slippery Slopes