slobodan_mickovskiMickovski is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Environmental Manager. In the past 15 years Bobby, as he is known, has worked in sectors including forestry, erosion protection, rail, highways, flood defence, marine, and residential developments. As a researcher, he has investigated the anchorage capabilities of different types of root systems including young and mature trees and explored the response of different plants to external loading and stresses such as wind loading and foraging by animals.

He has also investigated the basic mechanisms of how roots improve the strength of soil through designing and conducting a range of laboratory, glasshouse and filed tests. Current work includes numerical modelling of the mechanical and hydrological effects of vegetation roots on stability of slopes which, combined with existing knowledge and experience feeds into an enhanced decision system for sustainable use of vegetation for engineering purposes.

IASHK 2014: Hanging by Their Roots, Trees and Slippery Slopes