David S. Restrepo is a Colombian-French arboriculture lecturer-tree architecture popularizer. He is an ISA Certified Arborist-Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ), having passed twice successfully the French Tree Climbing Arborist Certificate of Specialization “Pruning and Tree Care” (1997–98, 2009). He studied “Tree Architecture and Development Mode” with Jeanne Millet Ph.D. at the University of Montreal, and has organized and attended intensive tree architecture workshops with Francis Hallé, Christophe Drénou and Jeanne Millet. He is the web master of the specialized site on tree architecture:
David is a crew member of the Tree and Woods Service of the City of Paris, currently
residing in Montreal on a sabbatical leave. He is the current president of ISA Quebec Chapter (SIAQ) (2018–2019), International Society of Arboriculture-Quebec, and was secretary of the Mexican Arboriculture Association (AMA) (2013–2015) and ISA component executive representing Mexico for several years in ISA’s leadership workshops. He negotiated with ISA the transition for the Mexican Arboriculture Association to become a full ISA chapter.

David S. Restrepo is an active member and a moderator-administrator of the rapidly rising in popularity Latin American Institute of Arboriculture (INLARBOR). Recently, on march the 7th, 2019, David S. Restrepo gave a series of lectures on tree architecture during ISA Norwegian chapter Norsk Trepleieforum’s annual convention in Bergen, Norway, entitled ARBORITECTURE: The Application of Tree Architecture in the Management of Urban Trees – A Practical Approach Related to Pruning”. Sharing the podium next morning was arboriculture lecturer extraordinaire Duncan Slater.

An article reviewing Restrepo’s lecture was published in Norse in the Norwegian magazine park & anlegg (Trepleie og skjøtsel 03 2019) “ARBORITECTURE: i Norsk” by Andreas Løvold, Arborist-Chief Research Technician, of the Oslo Botanical Garden’s Arboretum. 2018 La Cultura del Arbol, the official magazine for the Spanish Arboriculture Association, AEA, published an article by David S. Restrepo entitled “Tree Architecture vs Tree Structure, a Practical Approach Related to Pruning”.